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Author Spotlight
Book Spotlight
2014 - 1st Q
     Destiny Booze

Destiny attended Virginia
Western Community College
for two years. Her writing
career began as a community
journalist, yet creative writing
was always her passion. In
May of 2009, she released
her debut romantic suspense
novel, Altered Beginnings.

Other titles by Destiny Booze:
Predetermined Endings
(2009), The Curse of a Mind

Destiny resides in Botetourt
County, Virginia with her
husband, son and house full
of pets where she strives to
be the best wife, mother and
writer that she can be. Her
family is always priority
number one. Other things of
great importance to her are
friends, and YOU, the readers!
Matt Carrington escapes a
terrorists’ prison while in the
Army, but he has difficulty
escaping the trappings of a
demanding fiancé and his
own parents. To get away to
think, he meets pretty, girl-
next-door Lauren Delaney,
the kind of woman he
desires. But his fiancé and
his parents have other
plans. They determine to
have their way—no matter
what Matt wants.

Lauren Delaney is an
independent young woman
who quickly befriends the
soldier hero who comes to
town. Knowing he has
another life in Dallas, she
holds a secret, too. But she
pretends neither have a
problem in order to have the
summer with him.

During the long hot months,
a hurricane almost destroys
the town. Matt and Lauren
work with a team to save as
many residents as they can,
and in the process fall
deeply in love. When the
danger is past, the two
lovers suffer from their own
lies and
misunderstandings. Can
they find peace and
happiness without hurting

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