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WP Bestsellers
Author Spotlight
Brieanna Robertson

If someone were to ask me
what I am, it could be
summed up in one, simple
word: Dreamer. Ever since I
was a small child my
imagination has run wild. I
have been telling stories for
as long as I can remember,
creating grand worlds in my
head and going on
adventures that were
invisible to others around
me. Am I eccentric? Yes. Am
I proud of that? Absolutely.

I write about the things that
inspire me, both in this
world and in realms only
seen with the imagination.
My heroines are sassy and
strong. My heroes are
sometimes shy. I have an
obsession with music (and
musicians) and a
fascination with wings. I
believe true love does exist,
and sometimes it is found
in the strangest, most
unexpected places. I also
believe that family and close
friends are the glue that
hold people together.

Above all things, I believe in
being true to yourself and
seizing the day. Life is an
amazing gift. Make your
experience as beautiful as
you possibly can.
Book Spotlight
2014 - 3rd Q
Spurs for José  

In the fall of 1846, when José
Rodriquez turns twelve, his
papa says next spring he
must help tame Rancho
Grande’s wild colts. He knew
this day would come. For on
the Alta California rancho,
being a vaquero and training
horses was his family’s
tradition. Vaqueros’
horsemanship and roping
skills were legendary and
their lives full of danger.
Many vaqueros had been
killed or crippled while riding
the mustangs. Did he have
enough courage to ride the
wild ones and measure up
to his papa’s expectations?

Worried, José decides only
luck will help him be fearless
enough to ride the wild colts,
luck he will get from a pair
silver spurs and chaps
made from a brave bull’s
hide. But he has no money.
How can he buy silver
spurs? Then the Mexican-
American war starts. And a
few days before Christmas,
Colonel John C. Fremont’s
battalion camps on Rancho
Grande and everything

Based on true events, Spurs
for José brims with action
and excitement as a young
vaquero goes on an
unforgettable adventure.
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