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Better Than Chocolate
Brieanna Robertson
Whimsical Publications,
LLC/paperback, 272 pages
Dec. 2008
ISBN-13: 978-0-9787738-6-1

Book Two in the Serendipity Series
Years ago Van Marshall, lead singer and guitarist of the metal band Bleeding
Passion, let the love of his life get away because he lacked the courage to tell her
how he felt about her. He has been plagued by the memory of her ever since then,
unable to fully commit to another because of the love he still held for her in his heart.
Now, she is thrown unexpectedly back into his life, bringing with her all of the feelings
he has hidden inside for so long.

Because of a brutal assault, Kat Vauss hates men and trusts no one. She is a
martial arts expert and devotes all of her time to her work and her training. The only
person to ever come close to her heart was a shy, awkward boy she knew in high
school who she thinks is gone forever.

When Kat is given an assignment to shoot a DVD for Bleeding Passion, she is not
prepared for the way her body and heart react to the sensual singer, who
coincidentally helped her out of a sticky situation some years before. His presence
stirs to life dormant feelings inside of her, but will he show her that not all men are
evil and life can still be beautiful and worth living?
Reviews for Better Than Chocolate
Comment/review =I loved this book. Van and Kat are rich characters with real world
flaws. I feel like I know them (and am cheering for them) and that is a huge
accomplishment for any writer. Also, the characters do atypical things for a romance
story, in one scene Van cowers while Kat protects him. Sounds odd, but it works.
They have complimentary strengths and weaknesses.

During much of the book, we are on tour with the Bleeding Passion band. This
provides a rich backdrop for scene settings, meeting interesting people and
unusual situations.

Loved it, kudos to the author.

-Night Owl Romance Book Reviews
Reviewer Top Pick at Night Owl Romance

Comment/review =Better than Chocolate is the second book in Brieanna Robertson’s
Serendipity series and another delightful offering from a talented writer. Ms.
Robertson’s voice is fresh, and her talent for striking the right emotional tone is
excellent. For those who are looking for a sweet, satisfying romance, or who want a
bright, lovely portrait of young lovers reunited, Better than Chocolate is a
great choice

-Julia C., Manic Readers Reviewer

Comment/review =Better Than Chocolate is a love story that will have readers
laughing, crying and hoping. Brieanna takes her tale on the road and into the
unexpected. When I read this story, I felt like the writer knew these characters, that
they were her best friends and sat down one night to tell her how they met.

This story is well written, and from an editor’s point of view, an absolute joy to read. I
recommend it to anyone that wants a sweet romance, that remembers those shy,
gawky, awkward high school years, and the spark in your gut the first time you knew
you were in love.

-Traci Markou
Forbidden Publications Editor
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