D. M. Thornton, originally from San Diego, CA, lives in Overland
Park, Kansas with her three kids, husband, and her four-legged
companion, Flora the corgi. She’s a creative soul who enjoys
playing piano, the ukulele, singing and has an extreme addiction
to old fashioned chocolate glazed doughnuts.   

After fourteen years of being a nail technician, she traded in her
nail polish and took a chance on an old childhood dream of
becoming a writer. You can find her on Facebook and on Twitter.
D.M. Thornton
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For first time flight attendant Brittany Powers,
crashing in the Amazon is less than ideal.
Shaken and scared, she stumbles upon
another survivor, Cooper Owens, the jerk in
seat 4A, a former marine who likes to bark
orders. A relationship built on survival slowly
blossoms into a love that both can’t deny.
Will the Amazon break that apart or make
them rethink what is important in life?
D. M. Thornton

Brittany Powers and Cooper Owens won’t
ever be the same after their harrowing
experience surviving the Amazon rainforest.
When thrown back to civilian life, one is
forced to go with people she despises while
the other deals with the fact that he was the
one that put her there. The road of life has
many paths. If their love is strong enough,
they’ll find each other on the road less
Lost Without You
D. M. Thornton

Life isn’t meant to be fair, but sometimes it
would be nice if it was. How much can
someone take? Drama was the root of
Cooper and Brittany’s relationship, and all
they want to do now is enjoy being back in
each other’s arms. Is that too much to ask?
But when they thought that finding their
way back to each other was the end to all
their problems, little do they know, their
problems are just beginning.
Lost Forever
D. M. Thornton