Max Caston is a soldier wounded in Iraq. After he returns home,
he learns his wife, an assistant district attorney, is attempting to
bring down a major crime boss. Unfortunately, a home invasion
leaves Max for dead, and his family lost. When the police fail to
bring the true criminals to justice, Max, with the help of two of his
closest friends, decides to take matters into his own hands. But
as he draws closer to his target, he discovers his target is only
the beginning.
Rebecca sat in her black Mini Cooper S as she stared at the front door of her
home. She was dying to see her family, but needed a moment to clear her head.
The case was getting to her, and the pressure to put the whole thing in the win
column seemed more and more difficult each day. Now, with the evidence she had
just uncovered, it was too much for her. It would tear her apart personally and
send ripples through the courtroom when she called Enrique Martin’s accessory to
the witness stand. Only Roger Krones, one of the district attorney’s officers, had
known about it, and she knew he could be trusted.

Finally, she cleared her head enough that she decided to get out of the car and
walk inside. “Hey, honey, I’m home,” she announced as she walked through the
door. The two boys stopped what they were doing and charged into her before
she could even put her bag down.

Caston stood in the doorway of the kitchen, taking in the moment. “So, how was
your day?” he asked.

“Oh I don’t want to talk about it.” She exhaled in frustration, but there was some
relief since she was home. The sounds of her children and seeing her husband
made some of it wash away. “I just want to relax with my three favorite men and
deal with this mess tomorrow morning.”

Caston kissed her forehead and walked into the kitchen with his arm over her
shoulder. He walked her to the kitchen table like he was making sure she didn’t try
to do anything else besides sit down and relax. Once seated, he poured a small
glass of red wine for her, got the boys to sit, and brought over a huge dish of
freshly baked lasagna.

Just as he put the first spoonful on a plate, a knock came at the front door. “No,
please sit,” he said to Rebecca as she tried to get up. “I got it.”

Caston walked into the main hallway, calling out, “Just a minute.” When he was just
about to the door, the two boys came storming down the hall past him, racing to be
the first to open the door.

As the door opened, Caston went from laughing at the two boys to sudden horror
as he saw three men standing there, wearing black masks with assault weapons
and a shotgun, all of which were pointed into the doorway.

Caston desperately tried to slam the door closed and grab the two kids, but he
was too late as the three men opened fire. The first shots from the shotgun tore
into the door, door jam, and hallway. Then, a hail of bullets went flying
everywhere. Caston fell to the floor unable to move with searing pain in his chest,
right hip and leg. A large, black boot stepped in front of his face and then
continued past him. Hearing Rebecca scream from the kitchen and not hearing
anything from either of his boys, he pushed with all his might to get up, but he was
too weak.

“Stay down, mother fucker,” a masked man spat, out-raged. He kicked Caston
hard in the face, sending him sliding on the hardwood floor. Caston again fought
to get up, running on sheer instinct and will.

The three men stormed into the kitchen. Caston could hear Rebecca screaming
out his and the boys’ names. Then the screams stopped as more shots were fired.
He frantically searched for the boys and saw Tommy and AJ lying motionless on
the floor just in the other room. “Tommy,” Caston struggled to call out. “AJ.” He
stretched his arm out to pull himself toward them. Caston suddenly felt a boot step
on his back, sending a rush of scorching pain through his body, and he cried out.

“It’s just business, mother fucker,” the assailant mocked before he fired a single
shot into Caston’s back and walked away.

Caston fought to look up and briefly saw one of the three assailants rip off his
mask and look back. The black man was young with short hair, a thin beard, and
two large diamond earrings in his left ear. The image seared into his mind as he
fought to keep his eyes open. The three men left. Distant sounds of police sirens
could be heard, but Caston could no longer hold on. Everything went black.
Caston's Revenge
Matthew Melillo
Book Reviews
"edge of your seat exciting" -IRVIN J. BERNS  

Available in Print & e-book
June 2015

$13.95 / $4.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-940707-14-3
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