Melissa Saari
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Melissa Saari lives in Washington State where the Columbia River, the river that powers America, rushes near
her front door and every summer, smoke from forest fires fill the sky. These powerful elements inspire her
writing, whether it’s romance, fantasy, or horror.

She has two loving, protective dogs: a female pit bull named Marla, and a male Chow called Leo. Her dogs
provide her with comedy, therapy, and inspiration for her stories.

In addition to writing, Melissa begins her Master’s Degree in Screenwriting this fall, to study the complex film
industry and how her vision can be shared with billions of moviegoers.
Books by Melissa Saari

In the vineyards of Sonoma County, young
Kim O’Reilly watches as a thunderstorm
knocks out power to her house. Going
downstairs to fix the power, she discovers a
ghost who wants to know what happened to
her red satin shoes. The horror only grows
deeper when she explores the mystery of the
red satin shoes, only to uncover dark family
secrets hidden by her ancestors.
The Red Satin Shoes
Melissa Saari