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The Road Less Traveled
Brieanna Robertson
Whimsical Publications,
LLC/paperback, 284 pages
Sept 2008
ISBN-10: 0-9787738-5-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-9787738-5-4

Book One in the Serendipity Series
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Five concert tickets won on a radio contest seem to be the perfect solution for Alyx
to get away from her abusive ex boyfriend and turn a new page in her life. Quiet,
antisocial Maxim is not the sort to want adventure, but when his brother volunteers
him to go on the trip to the concert with Alyx and her best friend, he suddenly finds
his world turned upside down, especially when it comes to the way Alyx affects him.

Taegen is having trouble dealing with the death of her brother and finds herself
wanting to shut out the world, until she meets a mysterious stranger who shows her
that she can, in fact, still feel something inside her wounded heart.

Thrown together in a bizarre and hilarious set of circumstances, these five strangers
come to realize the true meaning of friendship, love and being true to oneself.
Reviews for The Road Less Traveled
Comment/review = Have you ever picked up a book and found yourself wishing you
were a part of the story before you? Have you ever read a book and felt the raw
emotion drip from every page? If you've never experienced either of these
situations, then the chances are that you've never read a story by author Brieanna
Robertson. A visit to her website will show you that she's a woman who likes to get
to the heart of the matter. She believes in being true to yourself and it is this belief
that is a guiding force in her story, The Road Less Traveled.

To find out which path each of these characters takes is one that as a reader you
cannot deny yourself. The Road Less Traveled is a story from the heart, delivered
with eloquence, thought, understanding and passion. Each character is written with
such quality and detail, that you can't help but find yourself immersed in their
journey. This was a very absorbing read and has me reaching for another of this
author's works, even as we speak.

                                                                                    -Blue City Romance

Comment/review = Maxim DeBoer was a quiet and shy man. He did not blend so well
with people, or so he thought until one unbelievable road trip.

Alyxandra Oncidezzerro was trying to hold it together. After the beating she
received; she did not think she could ever forget. That was until the most amazing
road trip ever. She found herself again and something worth holding on to.

The biggest road trip ever was about to happen Alyx, Javan, Maxim {who had to be
pushed into going} were in for a lot of surprises along the way. They meet up with
some more people. There was Torrey Reed and amazing musician, Teagen Lane, a
person with a huge heart. The five of them meet up with some special people, and
have an adventure on the way.

The Road Less Traveled was Brilliantly Touching and Funny! I could relate having
taken so many road trips myself. The people you meet along the way will always
stay with you. I know I will never forget these Characters. Brieanna Robertson is a
shining star that truly stands out. Her flare to write about people in their everyday
lives and make you feel apart of it is truly something remarkable. I enjoyed this book
immensely and will be reading it again. I would love to read a story on Jeff, Alex and

                                                                    -Sensual Reads and Reviews

Comment/review = From the first page this morning, to the last page this evening, I
have been absorbed in your words. I could relate to everyone of the characters in
some way. I laughed when they laughed and cried when they hurt. What a gift you
have. If this book is any indication of what your future holds...the skies the limit my
dear. My hat is off to you!! Fabulous, from beginning to end!

                                                            -Adelle Laudan, Author of Juliana

Comment/review = Well, I'm done and I intend to tell everyone I know who likes to
read about your book. However, I have two things to say about it.

1. Daaaamn! You had me from the start and carried me all the way through. The
characterizations, your style, the settings, the descriptions… Sorry…lol, am I
gushing? Out of all the characters, I loved your characterization of Maxim.

2. Now for the complaint.

You know how they have those warnings for movies... PG-ratings, and those
warnings on books... Explicit sexual or Violent content. Well, I think you need to put
a warning on your book. You know, like a MW-rating, as in Medical Warning.


AAA - Asthma Attack Alert - for people like myself with asthma who can't catch their
breath from laughing so hard when the humor is beyond funny.
IIW - Incontinent Issue Warning - for people who laugh so hard they can't make it to
the bathroom in time.
PLAW - People Living Alone Warning - for people who live alone and laugh so hard
they can't breathe and have no one to resuscitate them.

And you do know that crying can trigger all of the above...right?

Keep making good reading happen...

                   -Bouzwha, Emily Wade-Reid, Author of Bittersweet Chocolate

Comment/review = This novel invoked nostalgia for me in the nicest way, bringing to
mind my early twenties, in a tale of crazy, confusing, bittersweet, heady pain and
joy. The cast of characters are quirky, but believable. Alyx is vulnerable and
uncertain, but she’s not a doormat. Javan plays the part of a smart-mouthed goof,
but he’s really sharp and level-headed. Max seems antisocial and shy, but has a
wry sense of humor and sweet nature. Taegan has plenty of spunk under her
subdued exterior, and Torrey, for all that he looks like a suave player, is down-to-
earth and a loyal friend. Their adventures (and misadventures) are entertaining and
engaging—a little modern fairytale, and a lot of fun.

This is the first book of Brieanna Robertson’s Serendipity series, a loose connected
set of stories that can stand alone, but which have some crossover characters. I
thoroughly enjoyed this road trip cum journey of self-discovery tale by Ms.
Robertson. It was fresh, heartfelt, sweet without being cloying, and kept me smiling
and sighing the whole way. If you like music, poetry, and “buddy” stories, and are
looking for a well-written romance, check this one out.

                                                               -Nicole, Manic Readers Reviewer
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