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Will Hunter plans to land the tall, redheaded
bridesmaid. Katherine Noble might not be
opposed to being…landed, but she has a
thriving psychotherapy practice in
Manhattan and Will has a sheriff’s deputy job
in Vermont and serious attachment issues.
But Will’s determination is strong, and
Katherine’s love and faith in him have the
power to heal, even when evil from his
mom's past returns.

Leet Hayes is a professional quarterback who
knows how to finish a play. Sadie is a
midwife and the mother of two boys she
rescued from poverty and abandonment.
When a life-threatening storm brings them
together, Sadie falls in love. But neither of
them could know that Leet's first wife is not as
dead as he'd thought, or that when she
returns, she'll bring treachery, political
intrigue and danger.
Rebecca Skovgaard is a midwife in Rochester, New York. She
and her husband are raising (yes, still) their three children,
who give them great pride. She believes that if you live in
Rochester, you can never have too many spring bulbs in the
garden or Christmas lights in the trees.

Under the pen name Rachel Billings, she has published
several erotic novels.
To learn more about Rebecca, visit her at:

When Investigator Cooper Billings carries an
injured Sylvia Huston into the ER, He is lost
to her, body and soul. Others think it's
infatuation. To him, it's love at first sight.
Sylvia does her best to resist Cooper. He's
bossy and always thinks he's in charge. But
she finds herself falling for him. Can the pair
save each other and Tynie's Place from the
gangs vying for control of the drug trade?
Tynie's Place
Rebecca Skovgaard
Happy Man
Rebecca Skovgaard
Lucky Man
Rebecca Skovaard