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What is weirder than a tattoo artist who
spends his summers pretending to be a
medieval knight? How about one who spends
his summers handing out ultimatums in a
bathroom stall. That’s the situation Cadence
finds herself in after fleeing from her destruct

Bleeding Passion, she is not prepared for the
way her body and heart react to the sensual
singer. His presence stirs to life dormant
feelings inside of her, but will he show her
that not all men are evil and life can still be
beautiful and worth living?

Five concert tickets won on a radio contest
seem to be the perfect solution for Alyx to
get away from her abusive ex-boyfriend and
turn a new page in her life.

Thrown together in a bizarre and hilarious set
of circumstances, five strangers come to
realize the true meaning of friendship, love
and being true to oneself.

There is more than meets the eye to the dark,
brooding artist with the painful past known as
Traevyn Whitelaw, and spunky, outspoken
Evie plans on finding out just exactly what
the man is made of…if she can only figure
out how.

Nasarra takes Maxim back to the world of
detailed story of how she and her husband
met and fell in love, and about what it really
means to have your dreams come true.
Along the way, she teaches him a little
something about his own life, dreams, and
falling in love all over again.

Kate’s recurring dream of an ancient Chapel
husband, Phil, travel to Ireland for answers.
Will Phil and Kate use their professional skills
as photographer & commercial artist to
resolve an ancient mystery concerning the
Clan history? Or will they return to the city,
on an island is becoming longer and her
forever leaving behind the chapel of her on
an island is becoming longer and her

As hard as it is, Alex Grimm has to balance
torture and mayhem with gambling and
requests to see the newest tearjerker flick,
things his new wife would prefer to do. Lacy
complicates his life like no other woman ever
has. She’s the exact opposite of him. So how
can he be expected to torture evil vampires
for information while his unwanted wife is
bouncing around behind him with animated
Sunshine and Grimm
Melissa Hosack

Camden Harrison’s life used to be perfectly
normal. That is until his unfortunate murder
and following resurrection by a witch.
Though grateful for his second chance at
life, it doesn’t come without its side effects.
Despite his complete cluelessness over
dragon habits and customs, Camden just
might actually help Priya, the unofficial
leader of the revolution, win their freedom.
But at what cost?.

For first time flight attendant Brittany Powers,
crashing in the Amazon is less than ideal.
Shaken and scared, she stumbles upon
another survivor, Cooper Owens, the jerk in
seat 4A, a former marine who likes to bark
orders. A relationship built on survival slowly
blossoms into a love that both can’t deny.
them rethink what is important in life?

Beauregard Channing has devoted the past
four hundred years to tracking down items
that cause destruction and damage. Will
giving him the relic he seeks? Or will it fall
into the wrong hands, leading to the
destruction of innocent lives. If they don't
end up killing each other, Beau just might be
able to persuade Bradley to fall in love with

B.J. and Dana, through a stateside
headquarters error, find themselves sharing a
villa when they come to start up a St. Croix
power plant. The job is single status, which
suits them just fine. When B.J. becomes the
scapegoat for everything that goes wrong,
Dana attempts to defend her, when he is not
defending himself from her mistrust. Can the
torrid Caribbean nights end their fear of

What’s the world to do when gold starts
disappearing and the agents assigned to the
case are turned into life-size lawn
ornaments? Send in Double O Fang Agent
Pierce De Vein and Shifter Intelligence the
evidence points to an evil gnome and his
army of rogue leprechauns, the agents
infiltrate the organization. But will they wind
up as garden decorations?

Five college friends meet for a reunion in an
isolated cottage in the lake area, reminiscing
about their college life. It becomes apparent
that they all have secrets they would prefer to
keep hidden. Then one of them has a terrible
accident-or is it? What secret could possibly
warrant a death sentence? And who will be

With her eccentric husband telling her she's
become superficial, the strange scavenger
hunt/riddle-infused wild goose chase of a job
interview she is on, and the
sudden appearance of a bizarre man who
thinks he’s the Mad Hatter and who is acting
like her conscience, she is no longer sure
what to think. Only one thing is certain.
Alyssa feels like she has gone straight down
the rabbit hole.
The Road Less Traveled
Brieanna Robertson
Better Than Chocolate
Brieanna Robertson
Dark Masterpiece
Brieanna Robertson
Brieanna Robertson
Stage Presents
Brieanna Robertson
D. M. Thornton
Single Status
Linda Swift
The Spy Who Fanged Me
Donna Michaels
Five can keep a Secret
Sharon McGregor

Kelly has always written about the
extraordinary, but when she suddenly finds
herself stuck with a see-through imaginary
man she created when she was a child, the
lines of fantasy and reality become blurred.

Can she keep him? Prove that magic and
fantasy can exist in real life? Or will the man
she comes to love be torn from her forever by
the self-centered world’s lack of belief?
Beyond Wild Imaginings
Brieanna Robertson