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Tom Anderson, a mild mannered office
clerk, is content with his mundane life.
Following the death of his mother, his
peaceful existence rapidly disintegrates and
apathy. Forced to flee the city, he strikes out
for the vast wildernesses of Western Canada
to recover the proceeds of his late father’s
mine. But at journeys end, will he still be the
same man?

Orphaned at seventeen, Anna arrives in
Dublin to live with her estranged
grandparents and alcoholic uncle. She
receives a mixed reception and the tension
in her new home is unrelenting. Just why
does Grandpa despise her so much?

Set in the 1950s, Anna is a coming-of-age
tale about a young girl's journey into
womanhood as she discovers herself amid
the atmospheric streets of Dublin City.
Stephen O’Sullivan lives in Dublin City, Ireland. He works as a
service technician for an international security company.

He first put pen to paper three years ago when his young
daughter asked him to write a story for her. After just a few
sentences, he was addicted to writing and hasn’t paused since.

Anderson’s Gold is Stephen’s first novel, but many of his short
stories have been published in various magazines and
To learn more about Stephen, visit him at:
Stephen O'Sullivan
Anderson's Gold
Stephen O'Sullivan