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Everything in thirteen-year-old Tim McGrew's
life stinks. It was bad enough his dad left, but
even worse, he must move to his grandparent’
s remote ranch on Nowhere Mountain, leave
his friends and baseball. But now Grandpa is
dead and Grandma adopts a wild burro,
expecting him to train the long-eared donkey
with a noisy bray.

Twelve year old José decides only luck will
help him be fearless enough to ride the wild
colts, luck he will get from a pair silver spurs
and chaps made from a brave bull’s hide.
But he has no money. How can he buy silver
spurs? Then the Mexican-American war
starts. And a few days before Christmas,
Colonel John C. Fremont’s battalion camps
on Rancho Grande and everything changes..
Wanda Snow Porter, a native Californian, grew up in San Luis
Obispo County riding horseback on land once part of an old
Mexican rancho. Married to a cattle rancher, she’s an avid
horsewoman, learned the vaquero way of riding and training
horses, and earned a Bronze Medal Riders Award from the
United States Dressage Federation. As a docent for the historic
Dana Adobe, she helps school children experience what life was
like for the vaqueros who lived and worked on the early
California rancho. Her knowledge of horses and history inspired
her to write the young adult novel, Spurs for José, published by
Whimsical Publications. She’s also the author/illustrator of the
Burro Picture Book Series published by Dana Adobe Nipomo
Spurs for Jose'
Wanda Snow Porter
Wanda Snow Porter