The Curse of a Mind
Destiny Booze
They can’t win. The perpetrator is using a marvel in the medical
field known as techlepathy, a combination of technology and
telepathy to produce a telepathic result. He’s reading their minds.
How can they possibly get away when he knows their every move?

Chris Chambers is a private investigator with great instincts and a
shady past. She works with a skilled team on cases that most P.I.’s
won’t touch. She’s hardened to life, hardened to people and as
tough as the military trained her to be.

Her team’s newest case is a construction worker by the name of
Aidan Wolfe. Aidan is hardheaded and successful, a man with no
friends and a long list of enemies. Someone is trying to kill him,
someone with extraordinary gifts.

The investigative team and Aidan will be confronted with their
worst enemies—themselves. They are cursed to face their own
thoughts, inner fears, prejudices, and every private feeling or
emotion they have as this man toys with their minds and hearts.
Can they survive? By the end, will they want to?
It was dark by the time Chris hung the sheet up, cleaned up dinner, and made out
assignments for the next day.

Lucky was outside roaming for his last time of the night. She glanced at her watch—
9:12 PM. It had been a long day to say the least. Her typical work schedule during
an investigation was 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Getting beat up on the first day had
encouraged her to put in extra hours.

She hadn’t seen Aidan or Leon since dinner. She was still in the dog house, and
she deserved it, she knew. She had been hard on Aidan, too hard considering he
was paying her salary. With the exception of that one slip with Harry Jacobson, she
had never talked to a client in that way before. Was she losing control? He made
her feel on fire whenever he looked at her. Lashing out at him was her only

“Sabrina and I slept together the night before the wedding.”

If not for years of training, Chris would have jumped out of her skin at the sound of
that velvet voice. She had just been thinking about him and there he stood. The
living room suddenly felt very small.

Aidan stood by the wall, keeping his arms crossed and his posture lax. “We both
wanted her first time to be special and I knew I couldn’t provide that with a ten-
minute session before I left after the ceremony. Sabrina wouldn’t have cheated on
me. The baby was mine.”

Chris stayed silent, letting him say all he had to say.

“You don’t believe that, do you?”

She honestly didn’t want to hurt him, even if her actions at dinner suggested
otherwise. She shook her head no. She figured if she kept her mouth shut, it
couldn’t do any damage.


She stared at him for a long time without answering.

“I want to hear it. Maybe the pina-coladas were non-alcoholic. Or maybe she just
didn’t know she couldn’t drink because she hadn’t been to the doctor yet. What
aren’t you saying?”

She shrugged as she said, “Hunch, mostly. Mr. Hilton talked about that baby as if it
were his. He said he was close to Sabrina before you even entered the picture.
There’s every chance I’m wrong, but my job is to figure out the whole picture. To
see the things you aren’t seeing, part of that is guesswork. I can’t get to point Z
without making a few assumptions. I’m trying to help you, Mr. Wolfe. To do that, I
need you to be perfectly honest with me. Mr. Hilton had a definite bone to pick with
you. Are you still sleeping with Sabrina?”

“No,” Aidan said.

She was more relieved by his answer than was professionally necessary.

“At least not lately.”

Damn. “When?”
“Our anniversary would have been in April. We got together for a drink and…it just
happened. It meant nothing.”

Two months ago. Ms. Peterson was in her first trimester. “Then, this baby could be

He stared at her dumbfounded for a moment. Jeez, was the guy always this dense?
She got more specific. “Did you even use protection?”


Double Damn. She wanted to shake this stubborn man and knock some sense into
him. He was fooling around with another man’s fiancée and wondered why
someone wanted him dead. She hated domestic cases. She also hated the
situation because she really hated to think this man still had feelings for his ex-wife.
And she didn’t want to analyze why his love life would bother her.

Leon entered the room with an easy stroll and an easier smile. “Hell Chris, maybe
you should just move into this crib. Are you going to leave any time soon?”

Her answer was absorbed by the loud crash of the bay window imploding. Glass
flew through the air faster than the noise traveled. The sheet covering the window
collapsed to the floor in a ball.
Book Reviews
"You won’t be disappointed in this book if
thrillers are your thing. The Curse of a Mind is
definitely an edge-of-your-seat read. Kudos,
Ms. Booze for your creative mind and awesome
-Ginger Simpson, Reviewer for eBooks

"Read this novel and see if you can honestly
answer the question of what it would take to
make you a killer, because no matter how
righteous you think you are, everyone has a
breaking point."

"I highly recommend Destiny Booze's mystery,
The Curse of a Mind, giving the book 5-stars;
the reader will not be disappointed."
-J. A.
Hunsinger, Author of the Axe of Iron Series

"I have to admit, I sat on pins and needles
while I read A Curse of the Mind. Destiny
Booze accomplished what every reader longs
for in this novel---she kept me entertained,
biting my nails, and dreading what would
unfold." -
Irish Rose "Rose"

Available in Print & e-book
October 2010

$12.95 / $3.99

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