Camden Harrison’s life used to be perfectly
normal. That is until his unfortunate murder
and following resurrection by a witch.
Though grateful for his second chance at
life, it doesn’t come without its side effects.
Despite his complete cluelessness over
dragon habits and customs, Camden just
might actually help Priya, the unofficial
leader of the revolution, win their freedom.
But at what cost?.
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Haven Vigano is a Dayling, but in three
weeks she will Cross Over into the world of
Nightlings. Unfortunately, an ancient group
of Nightling hunters called The Holy Sect of
Mântuitors are hunting down and killing her
kind. Between her growing attraction to
Philip and Sébastien’s jealousy towards her
human crush, times were a lot simpler when
she felt indifferent toward everything and

He had never faltered in his assignments. His
hand had never wavered. But that was before
he’d been ordered to kidnap her. A woman of
unique disposition, undaunted in the face of
her adversity. A woman bearing the same
name as the immortal flower he so cherished.

She could be his greatest downfall…or his
greatest treasure.

Beauregard Channing has devoted the past
four hundred years to tracking down items
that cause destruction and damage. Will
Beauregard be able to charm Bradley into
giving him the relic he seeks? Or will it fall
into the wrong hands, leading to the
destruction of innocent lives. If they don't
end up killing each other, Beau just might be
able to persuade Bradley to fall in love with
Brieanna Robertson
Gabriel Madison

Sally, of the Brigantes tribe, is a renowned
healer. At the same time, she is feared and
misunderstood and accused of witchcraft.
When she becomes ill with Plague then
manages to cure herself, she is forced to
flee. Unknowingly, she has become a carrier
of the plague. Now her services are sorely
needed at the court of the High King at Tara,
in the hopes that she will be able to cure him.

What’s the world to do when gold starts
disappearing and the agents assigned to the
case are turned into life-size lawn
ornaments? Send in Double O Fang Agent
Pierce De Vein and Shifter Intelligence the
evidence points to an evil gnome and his
army of rogue leprechauns, the agents
infiltrate the organization. But will they wind
up as garden decorations?
Plague Sally
Paul McDermott

As hard as it is, Alex Grimm has to balance
torture and mayhem with gambling and
requests to see the newest tearjerker flick,
things his new wife would prefer to do. Lacy
complicates his life like no other woman ever
has. She’s the exact opposite of him. So how
can he be expected to torture evil vampires
for information while his unwanted wife is
bouncing around behind him with animated
Sunshine and Grimm
Melissa Hosack
Donna Michaels

A young Lion-Person named Cato wanders
out of the Forbidden Forest, and discovers
the magical world of Santara, At the
marketplace, Cato meets Princess Alzena, a
woman who doesn’t want to be a princess.
They quickly blossom a friendship but many
circumstances tear them apart, forcing Cato
to go on a dangerous quest to free his people
from a curse. Will he succeed? Or will he
succumb in end?

Hundreds of years ago, the Goddess Ilmatar
fell from the sky to Santara, a magical and
enchanting world. But then one day an evil
wizard kidnaps her newborn baby, a baby
who is a sea goddess. Forced to take a
human form, Ilmatar discovers she must rely
on a man who used to be half-lion if she is to
see her baby again.