Five years have passed since the defeat of the Boss. For
Shyanne and Joseph, it meant settling down and raising a family.
For Drayco, it meant searching for the one who escaped during
their last encounter…the mercenary named Ruben.

For the first time since the virus, peace fills Shyanne’s life. Now
that peace is shattered. Ruben has returned and he has taken
the one thing dearest to her heart…her son.

Once again, Joseph, Drizzle, and the twins embark on a mission
filled with battles and hardships. Only this time the stakes are far
greater. This time they hope to find Joey before his young life is
ended forever.
Red eyes appeared in the growing darkness. It looked as if thousands of them
were watching them.

“What are they?” Joseph whispered.

Instead of answering, Drizzle crouched down and an angry rumble emitted from his
throat. He but did not stay there long.

Leaping to his feet, he yelled, “RUN!”

Joseph watched as the leaves shook and little shapes dropped from the trees so
fast he was not able to see what kind of creature they were. He did not have to
though; Drizzles response was enough for him. He turned and ran as fast as he
could, trying to stay ahead of what ever followed them.

Drizzle looked over his shoulder to make sure Joseph followed. He was, but the
movement in the grass behind him was catching up fast. Too fast. He knew the
man was not going to make it unless he helped. The cat spun around and started

As he passed the fleeing man, he yelled, “Keep going, I heard the sound of
running water ahead. It will slow these creatures down long enough for you to get

Joseph hesitated. He was not going to leave the cat alone. His stride became
shorter and he would have stopped. A yell from Drizzle made him speed up again.

“You stupid fool! Do you want to see your son again? Get moving—NOW!”

Joseph increased his stride to a full out run. The fear in Drizzles voice told him that
whatever was behind them scared even something as strong as the cat.

The silence of the creatures was unnerving. Of all the animals he encountered in
his travels since the death of his town and his mother, none was like this. All had
made some kind of noise to drive paralyzing fear into their prey. He hoped Drizzle
knew what he was doing.

A high-pitched squeal sounded, causing the hairs on the back of his neck to rise. It
was followed by a high-pitched yowl from Drizzle. The sounds continued back and
forth until a sudden fury of noise arose. Joseph pulled up sharply, turning around
to see what was happening. He could not see a thing; it was too dark. The sounds
stopped abruptly. Several pairs of red eyes appeared in the distance. The fear
caused by those eyes returned full force. He started running again.

The stream, or what appeared instead to be a river, came into view. It was wide
and he could not see the other side. Joseph hoped it was not too deep or strong
because he was exhausted after his sprint across the field. He knew he would
have a hard time with the current if it were.

Joseph stopped at the bank to recover some of his wind and faced inland to look
for Drizzle. The cat was nowhere in sight. The red eyes of the mysterious
creatures were closing the gap between him quickly. He was turning around to
jump into the river when a solid object hit him square in the chest, knocking him
backwards into the water.

Claws sank into his shirt, dragging him under. He fought to get free from whatever
clung to him. Water ran into his nose. He started to panic. He needed air. What
little air he was able to take in before going under was all but used up with his

The weight on his chest kept the much needed air out of reach. The weight of the
sword on his back did not help matters either.

The river’s undercurrent grabbed him, taking him further offshore into deeper
waters. His feet were no longer able to touch the bottom. All sense of reason
disappeared. He tried to knock loose whatever had ahold of him so he could
surface before the enveloping blackness swallowed him completely.

In what felt like hours, but was only a couple of minutes, Joseph felt a tugging on
the front of his shirt. His face broke the surface and the wonderful stuff his lungs
screamed for was there.

Air—beautiful air.

Joseph breathed the sweet fresh air in deep and started coughing. The water that
had run into his nose was now exiting, abruptly. He felt something move next to him
and clung to it like a life raft while he vomited.

“I told you to run, not stop and gawk.”
Janet Durbin
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Fiction-Science Fiction/Adventure

Available in Print & e-book
August 2007

$13.95 / $3.99

ISBN-13: 978-0-9787738-2-3

A Journey of Twins Novel, Book Two