A Poet-Whore, Pimped by Pain
Ka-Son Reeves
Poems to stir the heart and
Losing it

Many times in mind
Both day and night dream time
Thoughts design fantasies
Alternate realities
Time still, but still moving fast
Like a relay race, but I’m running last
A dissatisfying taste
When ribbon of victory doesn’t wrap around
My diligence
My best flushed into waste receptacle
A somber heart recycled
Reinvents into a winning experience
Excused as outlook positive
Hiding the crying of a sore tired strength
Caging the banging and beating
Kicking and screaming
Fits of frustration
Within my rib
A shaky smile pulled together
Flexing face to hold it better
So as to keep it sincere looking—
Can I reveal the weakening of a stone wall
Cracking a constipated smile
Like Uncle Bashim’s gleam
As he five’s me smooth and slick
Like his Superfly ponytail
Telling me everything’s
Clean as green
I wish I could feel as serene as my
Uncle Bashim
Kissing The Sun

Every sunray that touches me
reminds me of the warmth of your hand
and I have no choice but to turn around
and return a smile
to the sun,
my sun...
Have you ever blown kisses at the sun?
Have you ever gave chase toward the sun ray's run?
Have you ever had swift sudden feels of blown kisses
tapping at your cheek?
That's me
guiding with deep wishing as they're gliding upward
toward the sky like pale pink butterflies
ending their existence
as they pucker and disappear in the distance
on the lips of my sun;
Feeling complete as their purpose is now done;
Time to send another one.
Book Reviews
"A poetic glimpse of a cultured divided
America.  A staggering reality of projected
hopelessness attempting to hold on to
hopefulness. Casting forth images of a fallen
down society and yet the rhythm is nothing
new…a sense of belonging."
-Nancy Bailey

"The poems I’ve read were very deep. This was
very interesting to see so many aspects of
words in your poetry. Each poem reflected
many emotions that readers can and will relate
-Carolyn White, The Associated: Jewish
Community Federation of Baltimore

"Thought provoking, provocative and sensitive
poetry. Ka-son gets in touch with “self” through
his poetry. W. E. B. Du Bois would be proud of
this young Black man."
-India Artis, Business/
Advertising Manager, The Crisis magazine

"His work screams of the images and
experiences of urban life—good and bad. At
times melancholy, provocative and even erotic,
Reeves always moves toward the greater
good/beauty, self-realization and inspiration
that we all possess. His is a growing voice that
further expands the rich legacy of this literary
-Richard J. McIntire, Award-winning
journalist, photographer, radio personality and
public relations professional

"The poems describe the utter agony and
brutality that is heartbreak and how it can
completely mess with your mind and your
emotions, all the while still feeling a sense of
longing, and hope for survival. This book also
includes some observations on life, along with
some illustrations. Very brilliant, get it....you
won't be sorry."
-Cenia M. Crespo

Available in Print Only
June 2008


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