Beauregard Channing has devoted the past four hundred years
to tracking down items that, if put in the wrong hands, have the
ability to cause destruction and damage to innocent lives.
Though sworn to defend mortals, Beau feels removed and
detached from humankind. He loses all desire for personal
interaction with mortals until his next target, Bradley Hildebrand,
turns out to be the one woman he cannot seem to get off his

Against his better judgment, Beau attempts to charm his way into
Bradley’s heart while simultaneously trying to coax her into giving
him the relic he seeks before the wrong people discover its
location. Bradley immediately annihilates Beau’s plan of a
peaceful compromise by refusing to believe that a world of
vampires and supernatural creatures could exist without her

While he is attempting to make Bradley see reason, Beau’s worst
fear comes true. A group that intends nothing but devastation to
those around them discovers the location of Bradley and her
artifact. After an attack that leaves Bradley lucky to be alive, the
men take off with the widely sought after historical object. Now it
is up to Bradley, Beau, and Bradley’s slightly unorthodox and
eccentric best friend Camden to track down the artifact and save
innocent lives from falling victim to its powers. If the three of them
don’t end up killing each other, Beau just might be able to
persuade Bradley to fall in love with him.
“My grandmother was not a witch!” Bradley cried with a stamp of her foot.

“I bet she was, just like I’m betting you are. Witchcraft is also the only explanation
as to why I haven’t killed you yet. You’ve put some kind of charm on me to make
me desire you.”

“Oh, I have not!” Bradley griped, resuming her trek through the downpour.
“Besides, witches don’t exist.”

“Just like vampires don’t exist?” he came back almost smugly with a wave at his
chest, as if he were the living proof of a contradiction.

“You are not a vampire,” she informed him, sounding exasperated.

He sent her a sideways glance. “You have no idea how tempting it is to tear your
throat out with my fangs to prove my point.”

She narrowed her eyes, but suggested, “Why don’t you turn into a bat? That
oughtta prove it.”

“We don’t turn into bats,” he came back in disgust.

“So, you don’t turn into bats and you eat burgers. Sounds like the real deal to me,”
she taunted sarcastically.

“I am the real deal,” Beau growled in agitation.

“Prove it,” she challenged. “Show me some fang.”

With an aggravated sigh, he stopped, pulling her to a halt next to him. “Fine.” He
bared his teeth and his face screwed up in concentration. “I don’t really do this
unless I’m feeding,” he said in obvious annoyance at the inconvenience of her

Bradley braced her hands on his forearms and stood on tiptoes so she could peer
into his mouth. “I don’t see any-thing.”

Confusion flitted across his features. “I don’t under-stand…” He concentrated with
all his might, but couldn’t seem to get his fangs to spring forward.

“They shy?” Bradley teased. Slapping him on the chest, she stepped back. “See?
No proof. Not a vampire.” With a little sigh, she started walking again. “Why do all
the really sexy ones have to be crazy?”

Beau followed her, rubbing a finger along his teeth and gums, perplexed. “I just
don’t get it. This never…” He trailed off with a grin. “You said I was sexy.”

“I also said you were crazy,” she pointed out as they reached her building.
Glancing over her shoulder at the door, she said, “Well, this is me.”

When she spun back around, Beau stood with his hands in his pockets, his thumbs
sticking out in a very rugged and manly way. She had to mentally count to ten to
keep herself from ogling him. “Goodnight,” she said through clenched teeth.

“I suppose I’ll be seeing you soon,” he said. “We’ve still got unfinished business to

“Not really. I’m not giving your vampire wannabe butt my necklace, so that pretty
much deters me from having any further interaction with you.”

“Oh, there will be plenty more interaction.”

Bradley couldn’t help but notice that the low, husky sound of his voice sent tingles
along her skin, affecting her like no one ever had before.

She studied the way little water droplets glistened on the ends of his shoulder
length, jet-black hair. Her eyes skimmed over his broad chest, hungrily taking in
the way his shirt clung to every muscle.

She was so busy admiring his physique that she didn’t notice he was going to kiss
her until it was too late. Before she could even think about stopping him, Beau’s
lips were on hers.

They caressed across hers, soft and tentative as his arm snaked around her waist.
He pulled her gently toward him until her body melded against his.

As if they had a mind of their own, Bradley’s arms wrapped around his waist,
clutching the back of his shirt in her fists.

His mouth became more persistent against hers, nudging her lips apart.

Pressing her body to his, she mumbled into his mouth, “This means nothing.”

He nibbled at her bottom lip, drawing a gasp from her.

“This is just…” She tightened her fists, nails raking briefly against his skin. “This is
just that freebie. You know that, right?”

Beau hissed at the sensation of her nails, his free hand rising to bury itself in her
hair, gently gripping it at the scalp. “Then I’ll use it wisely,” he growled into her

“I still think,” she said between kisses, “that you are arrogant, delusional, and
should really see a psychologist about this vampire-” She broke off with a
surprised yip as he pulled her more forcefully against his chest.

“Shut up,” he grumbled, pausing only briefly before crushing his lips to hers again.

Bradley relaxed against him, making a happy mewing noise when he caressed her
cheek with the back of his hand. She was just starting to fully enjoy herself when a
sharp pain invaded her lower lip. An instant later, she tasted blood.

Beau moaned, drawing her lip into his mouth, sucking at her bleeding flesh.

She let out a squeak of protest and pushed her hands against his chest, shoving
roughly as she tore her mouth from his.

His eyes were dilated, the irises darker than usual. He had a set of sharp fangs
protruding from his mouth with her blood clinging to them, and his breathing was
coming in shallow gasps.

She could see blood lust in his eyes almost as plain as his desire. She backed up
a step in horror as his tongue flicked over his bloody teeth.

“Bradley,” he practically begged as she took another step back, “I tried to warn

When he reached a hand out to her, she gave a cry of terror. “Stay away from
me!” she shrieked before turning and racing into the building. As she shut the door
behind her, she prayed that she was shutting Beauregard Channing out of her life
Deadly Encounters of the
Supernatural Kind
Melissa Hosack
Book Reviews
"Definitely one of my faves by her.
Vamp/human social and sexual interaction is
the main storyline here....with plenty of humor,
sarcasm, and action. She certainly knows what
to do with the type of story she presents. A few
cool twists along the way too."
-Carmen Wood

"Dead Encounters of the Supernatural Kind
was great! The characters and the plot were
done well and the descriptions of a college
gone berserk brought me right into the book!
Get it for yourself; you'll be glad you did."
-Valkyrie's Lady, Reviewer for Manic Readers

"This is a fast-paced book packed with action,
humor, and tenderness; and it is one that I will
not soon forget. I would love it if this book were
turned into a series, because I am just dying to
know how things turn out for Camden. Melissa
Hosack is certainly an author to keep an eye
on and I plan to watch for more books from
-Melissa, Reviewer for Dark Diva Reviews

"With great depiction, Melissa Hosack crafts a
phenomenal read that consumed this reader
from beginning to end. I did not want this
action-packed thrill to end."
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

"Unlike any other Vampire story I’ve read, this
one caught me in chapter one. I just couldn’t
put it down! This story is one I’ll read again and
will have a home on my bookshelf! A very
highly recommended story."
-Daisy, Reviewer
for LASR

Available in Print & e-book
March 2009

$11.95 / $3.99

ISBN-13: 978-
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