Taking over the ancient house, Casey
discovers valuable antiques, but in the attic,
she discovers a blue diary with a satin cover.
Opening it, she finds out that Jane lived a far
more exciting life than she ever let on. As
Casey uncovers her grandmother's dark
secrets, she realizes that she might never
escape Silver Lake alive.

After several military jets fly low overhead,
strange things occur, like the TV, phones,
and computers stop functioning. Marcus and
his best friend Jake investigate, but everyone
has disappeared. They return home only to
have something unknown start terrorizing
them. Will the survivors be able to hold out
until help arrives...if it ever arrives?
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Five college friends meet for a reunion in an
isolated cottage in the lake area, reminiscing
about their college life. It becomes apparent
that they all have secrets they would prefer to
keep hidden. Then one of them has a terrible
accident-or is it? What secret could possibly
warrant a death sentence? And who will be

Together, and without even speaking each
other's language, Henry and Wild Flower
must learn to trust each other as they travel
through a land of forest, tombs, wild threats
and an enemy with the power of the Wolf,
who seems unstoppable. She must protect
her family while he wants to get home.

A Compilation of works from two authors,
writing about extraordinary creatures
interacting with people who are lost...then
find themselves.
The Unknown
Matthew Melillo
Five can keep a Secret
Sharon McGregor
The Blue Satin Diary
Melissa Saari
Extraordinary Creatures
Brieanna Robertson & Tex Leiko
The Arrow Journey
Gerard Mulligan