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Hundreds of years ago, the Goddess Ilmatar
fell from the sky to Santara, a magical and
enchanting world. But then one day an evil
wizard kidnaps her newborn baby, a baby
who is a sea goddess. Forced to take a
human form, Ilmatar discovers she must rely
on a man who used to be half-lion if she is to
see her baby again.

Massive explosions! Crazy Scientists! City
Destroying Monsters!

This book unfortunately doesn’t contain any
of these things, but it does have an asteroid
hurtling towards earth. (Actually now that I
think of it, it does have a crazy scientist or

Anyways, It’s up to Francis, Clyde, Ralf and
Payln to save the town they call
home…Lamplight Lane.

Melody hasn’t played anything since her
parents were killed in a tragic car accident.
But when her friend buys her an old,
weathered music score that seems to call to
her, she is intrigued. Playing again also
brings her to the living room of a muse—a
man who lives and breathes music, who can
calm her with a touch and make her hear
symphonies. Her muse. Her salvation. Her
Liron's Melody
Brieanna Robertson

Our four heroes (and Waddles) get wrapped
up in the great mystery that is Lamplight
Lane. Follow them deep underground to the
city’s roots (literally) as they uncover the town’
s beginnings.

Who knows, they might even run into a
moleman or two….ok there’s more than two.

This provocative, contemporary story is
based upon actual national events,
unheeded warnings about failing policies,
and the associated indifference to inaction.
What will happen if we remain unaware of a
changing world around us and inadvertently
ignore the troubling events that surround us
on a daily basis? The answer is contained in
this story – an outcome that only you can
Beware the Dither Bird
Russell H. Plante

Taylor Armstrong is once more involved in a
small town murder. Between keeping tabs on
the investigation and trying to decipher
RCMP Sergeant Andrew Scott’s changing
attitude to their relationship, she has her
hands full. When Taylor becomes a little too
involved with one of the suspects, she is
thrown into danger. Now Andrew is in a fight
to keep her safe and collar a killer.
Murder is Handy
Sharon McGregor