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Author Spotlight
Stephen O’Sullivan lives
in Dublin City, Ireland. He
works as a service
technician for an
international security

He first put pen to paper
three years ago when his
young daughter asked
him to write a story for
her. After just a few
sentences, he was
addicted to writing and
hasn’t paused since.

Anderson’s Gold is
Stephen’s first novel, but
many of his short stories
have been published in
various magazines and
Book Spotlight
2015 - 1st Q
When the case of an
alleged suicide of a local
poet is handed to her
detective boyfriend, and
things just don't add up,
police department
counselor Alayne
Vaughan pursues the
case, almost losing her
love, career

-and life-

in the process.
2015 - 2nd Q
2015 - 3rd Q