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In the year 2086, seventeen-year-old High
Princess Eydís Elísabet Thorndike finds
herself graduating from the Rangers
Academy, despite the controversy it causes.
It’s unheard of to have a high princess
become a ranger. Eydís will place the love
of her mother in jeopardy, as she does all she
can with her fellow rangers to protect the
Survivors from more than just the

Five years have passed since the defeat of
the Boss, and life has become almost
peaceful. Almost. A menace has returned
and he has shattered that peace by taking
something very special.

Twins—Shyanne and Drayco—survive after
watching their world changed forever by a
virus. For one, it is manageable. For the
other, it is a living nightmare.

Max, a drug addicted doctor, gets caught up
in a world he never dreamt existed. After a
visit from a long forgotten acquaintance,
Crimson, he finds himself wrapped up in a
world of mutants, monsters,
cybertech-hackers, musician assassins,
revolution and friendship. His talents are
called upon by a rag-tag team of idealists
seeking to reform the government victimizing
and abusing its citizens.

To save the world and protect America, it
takes a heroic quest in the confrontation
between ‘good versus evil’, to challenge your
senses of the normal versus the paranormal,
and the abnormal. Dr. Sterling Striffe, spy,
adventurer and mercenary is up to the

The trio of covert operatives from Area-51
are back. Black Widow's Bondage continues
the action packet sexy spy-fi adventures from
Angels Keep Watch, led by Dr. Sterling
Striffe, with his paramour partner, the
mysterious Myla Trench. Once again, to save
the planet and protect America, they race
against time and space to track down a
fugitive Nazi war criminal to the far corners
of the planet.
Crimson Rain
Tex Leiko
Janet Durbin
Janet Durbin
Angels Keep Watch
Randy Gonzales
Black Widow's Bondage
Randy Gonzales
The Thorndike Legacy
Gabriel Madison