Like any other girl her age, Kathleen was
ready for the excitement of a first love and
being with Atticus was so wonderful. When
Bobby O’Hara, the most popular boy in
school, sets his sights on Kathleen, she is
torn between her love and loyalty to Atticus
and the excitement, popularity, and ease of
being Bobby’s girlfriend. She needs to
make a decision. The question is...will it be
the right one?

Marina Winston, a seamstress from
Hollywood's golden age, becomes entangled
in the dark threads of murder, power and
revenge when her friend ends up dead after
stealing money from notorious gangster
Angelo DeCici, 'the angel of death.'
Passionately in love with the man fighting to
rescue her, can Marina cut the sinister strings
without falling prey to Angelo, and losing
Myles forever?
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Josette Price sees her future in Beddingfield
Park, while her brother, George, needlessly
pursues a naval career. But dark, brooding
Captain Carter rides into their lives with news
that ruins everything: George has been lost at
sea. Only Captain Carter and his delightfully
spinsterish relatives can stop the Price sisters
from making a choice that would be the
greatest tragedy of all.

In late summer 1874, Simon Barr, one of the
premiere agents of the newly evolving US
Secret Service, arrives in the Oklahoma
Territory, to meet his partner, Luke Hayden,
and begin their investigation of a large scale
counterfeiting operation. Simon meets
Kirsten Bentzer, neice to one suspect,
fiancée to another. Surely, she can’t be
innocent, no matter how much he wishes it
were so.

Tom Anderson, a mild mannered office
clerk, is content with his mundane life.
Following the death of his mother, his
peaceful existence rapidly disintegrates and
apathy. Forced to flee the city, he strikes out
for the vast wildernesses of Western Canada
to recover the proceeds of his late father’s
mine. But at journeys end, will he still be the
same man?

Twenty years after Nathan Delaney was
caught up in the turbulent struggle of the
Mexican-American war as a child, and with
nothing to look forward to except stampedes,
flooded river crossings and multiple
confrontations with hostile bandits and
Indians - and with a particularly determined
Bounty Hunter - Nathan will have plenty of
cause to wonder whether he has made the
right choice or not.

Was she really guilty of murder or was it a
tragic accident? Orphaned during the
French Revolution, Isabel Boudreux finds
herself Isolated and alone. Brandon Thorpe
has every reason to despise Isabel. Finding
her on a cliff covered in blood, he knows she
killed his sister’s fiancee. Intent on punishing
her, he forces her to become his mistress.
The warring couple soon find love. But will it

Twelve year old José decides only luck will
help him be fearless enough to ride the wild
colts, luck he will get from a pair silver spurs
and chaps made from a brave bull’s hide.
But he has no money. How can he buy silver
spurs? Then the Mexican-American war
starts. And a few days before Christmas,
Colonel John C. Fremont’s battalion camps
on Rancho Grande and everything changes.

Everything in thirteen-year-old Tim McGrew's
life stinks. It was bad enough his dad left, but
even worse, he must move to his grandparent’
s remote ranch on Nowhere Mountain, leave
his friends and school behind, and give up
playing baseball. But now Grandpa is dead
and Grandma adopts a wild burro, expecting
him to train the long-eared donkey with a
noisy bray.
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