Born in the Year of the Tiger, Paul’s natural curiosity combined
with the deep-seated feline need to roam has meant that over
the years he’s never been able to call any one place home. His
wanderlust has led him from one town to another, and even
from one country to another.

He has always followed his instincts without question or
complaint, and in true cat fashion it seems he has always
landed on his feet.

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write – my father claims
to possess a story I wrote when I was six, which filled 4
standard school exercise books! What I do remember from that
time was being told off for doing the Liverpool Echo crossword
before he got home from work! Perhaps it was the catalyst of
breathing the same air as Hans Christian Andersen. While I
was living in Denmark, I allowed myself to be persuaded to write
for a purpose in-stead of purely for my own amusement.”

Paul has had a short play selected for a performance at the
Edinburgh Fringe Festival and hopes to one day buy a plot of
land (Castle Island on Lough Key, County Roscommon) and
rebuild the castle on said island, which used to belong to my

"Yes, the location of “The Chapel of Her Dreams” is a real
Paul McDermott,
writing as Paul Freeman
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Sally, of the Brigantes tribe, is a renowned
healer. At the same time, she is feared and
misunderstood and accused of witchcraft.
When she becomes ill with Plague then
manages to cure herself, she is forced to
flee. Unknowingly, she has become a carrier
of the plague. Now her services are sorely
needed at the court of the High King at Tara,
in the hopes that she will be able to cure him.

Kate’s recurring dream of an ancient Chapel
on an island is becoming longer and her
husband, Phil, travel to Ireland for answers.
Will Phil and Kate use their professional skills
as photographer & commercial artist to
resolve an ancient mystery concerning the
Clan history? Or will they return to the city,
forever leaving behind the chapel of her
Plague Sally
Paul McDermott